Make belonging & inclusion part of your company’s DNA.

Meet Beth

Inclusion is more than a talking point.
It’s a part of your mission.

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Beth,

I spent more than 20 years in corporate America with the last five dedicated to developing diversity & inclusion plans. Now, I travel the country speaking, writing and working with organizations of every size to help them develop cultures that are welcoming, aware, empathetic and inclusive of all people.

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Flipping the Script on Inclusion: The Importance of I

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My four-step program and framework was designed to help your organization move from theory to action in months, not years.

How it works:

Evaluate your environment

Most organizations get stuck out of the gate. Move from qualitative measures to quantitative analysis and develop an awareness of equity & inclusiveness that you can build on.

Explore your plan

Now that you know where you stand, we’ll help you explore and develop an equity & inclusion integration action plan to start changing your culture for the better.

Embrace your future

Our multi-part framework ensures your program against the uncertainty of leadership and other organizational changes, and puts you on a path to long-term, sustainable growth.

Elevate your culture

Together, we’ll help your organization become a model for equity & inclusion and a true leader in your industry.

Why focus on inclusion?

There are many reasons to do this work.
But you’ll only need three.

Create an environment that people love

Finding and hiring great staff is hard. Losing them is heartbreaking (and expensive). Find and hire the best talent and keep them engaged.

Be more efficient & do better work

A diverse and empowered workforce brings different perspectives to hard problems, resulting in more innovation and creativity.

Build for tomorrow, today

The world is changing. So is the workforce. By embracing these changes now, you can build a culture and foundation for what’s next.

Are you doing everything you can?
Your website can tell you a lot.

Sign up today and Beth and her team will perform an equity assessment of your website free.

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Make it happen

McKinsey & Co. says organizations that embrace equity & inclusion win big.


As likely to exceed financial goals


As likely to achieve high performance


More likely to be considered innovative & agile


More likely to achieve better business outcomes

Our clients grow stronger.
Just ask them.

Beth was easy to work with and very knowledgeable in her area of expertise. I was able to communicate my desired outcome and she took it from there. Her personality and deliberate delivery of the content added to the overall learning and success of the event.

AdriennePharmaceutical Executive

I had a dream of helping international students who want to study in the US, but I’d sat on the idea for too long. I needed a trusted advisor, so I reached out to Beth. Beth was approachable and humble and turned out to be exactly what I needed.

AneriInternational Student Coach

Beth recently provided anti-racist training to our board & staff, designing a training that accommodated a diverse group at various stages of their learning journeys. She is a skilled facilitator who does not shy away from tough content & ensures that all feel both safe & challenged by the discussions.

AnnNon-Profit Executive Director

It was amazing working with Beth. She helped me become clear on my business. I’m so thankful for her help with my goals and improving my business. If you need a coach, a sister, a guide – Beth is your go-to woman!

DioundraClothing Designer

Beth is a very personable individual who is prone to social settings and versatile interactions with various types of people. She has a way of relating to people that makes them feel warm, secure, and affirmed and is consistently solution- focused and positive, but in a real and meaningful way.

JenniferNon Profit Board Liaison

Beth Ruffin is amazing. I have had the desire to start my own tech support business for years. I didn’t think that I had it in me to do it. Beth’s ability to breakdown complex feelings and help you understand your greatness is amazing. Her advice has helped me to realize my own unique abilities and see that I can be successful in my own right.

LashandaIT Business Owner

Beth helped me get unstuck. She is the most caring person you can ever work with. She helps you discover what you’re strong at and where you have opportunities for improvement. She helps motivate you to be the best version of yourself. You get nothing but the best from Beth.

MelanieCustomer Service Leader
Take the first step

See if Beth’s approach is right for you and your team.


Sign up for a free equity assessment

It’s on us! We’ll assess your website for inclusive practices free!

Talk through your results

Beth & team will review your results with you — and suggest improvements.

Embrace the framework

You’re already focused on equity. Beth’s framework helps you make that goal a reality.
The future is bright

Companies that fail to practice inclusion everyday will miss out on new partnerships, miss out on sales, or worse, might be canceled due to their silence.

Don't miss this opportunity.

Make equity & inclusion part of your culture.

Bring Beth in to speak with your team.

    It’s amazing what acceptance can do.

    Read more about the power of equity & inclusion.

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